On December 28, 1921 Golden Rule Lodge No. 24 was warranted during the Grand Mastership of Powell K. Martin, to hold its meetings in South Orange, New Jersey. However, in 1926, the Lodge was dissolved and the paraphernalia, which it had used during its short life, was given to Bethel Lodge, No.10 of Orange, New Jersey. Worthy brothers Enoch Brock, Samuel Hunt, Wise Harmon, Howard Longus, and William Ingram had served as Masters of that South Orange Lodge.
     A Certain number of the brethren who had been members of the Lodge retained the hope of re-establishing themselves as a Lodge at some future time. Their desires were eventually consummated, for those brethren petitioned the M. W. Grand Master, Edgar S. Ballou, for the privilege of establishing a Lodge in Vauxhall, New Jersey under the name of Golden Rule. That dispensation was granted in September of 1944.
     The Lodge, having performed its Masonic work in a proficient manner, was granted at the ninety-seventh annual communication of the Grand Lodge held in Atlantic City in June 1945. The officers named in the warrant were Worshipful Brother Samuel I. Hunt, Master; Washington Koonce, Senior Warden; Henry Scott, Junior Warden; John Alston, Treasurer; and I. Thomas Howe, Secretary.
     Golden Rule Lodge #24, held its meetings at the Community Center on Berkley Pl. in Vauxhall on the first and third Fridays up until 1974, when under the Mastership of Otis Appling, the Lodge moved its meeting place to Bethel A.M.E. Church on Hilton Avenue in Vauxhall, then under the Mastership of Jessie Lowe in 1982 the lodge moved its meeting place to the Dr. Myra Kearse Center, 2410 Springfield Ave. Vauxhall, NJ.
     During the Grand Mastership of the M.W. Charles W. Campbell, twenty-nine members from the Golden Rule petitioned the Grand Lodge to form a Lodge in Somerville, hence, in July 1972, A.B. Copper was formed.
     Golden Rule has produced the following members who were appointed to the high office of District Grand Lecturer of the Sixth Masonic District R.W. Thomas Crutcher, R.W. Thomas Howe, R.W. Clinton Williams,
And, The Most recent, R.W. Otis Appling, R.W. Louis Glenn, R.W. Sydney Jordan, and R.W. Edwin Ross. We also have a number of Grand Lodge Officers serving the Grand Lodge in the capacity of R.W. Henry Hopkins Grand Chaplain R.W. Arnold Williams, Assistant Grand Marshall; R.W. Alvin Mitchell, Assistant Grand Pursuivant; R.W. G. Douglas Bland, Grand Juris Prudence Committee.
     We also are very proud to house a number of Oziel Grand Chapter Officers including that of the Worthy Patron of The Oziel Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Stars PHA of the State of New Jersey in the name of Otis Appling.

With the Guidance of the Grand Architect of the Universe, Under the Mastership of Edwin Ross, donations from a number of brothers of Golden Rule Lodge No. 24 and the assistance of the sisters of Golden Rule Chapter No. 50 a Mortgage was obtained and signed by R.W. Louis Glenn and R.W. Arnold Williams on October 24, 1995 for a building at 221 Oswald Place, Vauxhall, NJ which is the new home of the Lodge and Chapter.
     With the persistence and guidance of the Past Masters, and the enthusiasm and strength of our new members the history of Golden Rule has, and will continue to prosper with every step we take.

Elected Officers
  • SECRETARY                    R.W. DAMON WHITE
  • TREASURE                      R.W. ROBERT WHITE
Appointed Officers
  •  SENIOR DEACON                                     BRO.   JAMES COY
  •  JUNIOR DEACON                                     BRO.   TRAVIS GRUNDY
  •  SENIOR STEWARD                                    BRO.    MARLON MAYS
  •  JUNIOR STEWARD                                    BRO.    HALIM MCNEIL
  •  CHAPLIN                                                  PM      KIETH MCKOY  
  •  TYLER                                                      BRO.   TIMOTHY  FATE
  •  MARSHALL                                               PM       KIM WILLIAMS
                         Past Masters of Golden Rule Lodge #24
1944-1945 Samuel Hunt*                                   
1945-1947 Washington Koonce*                       
1947-1948 David Conley*                  
1948-1949 Thomas Crutcher*                 
1949-1950 Thomas Howe*                 
1950-1951 William Parker*               
1951-1952 Rev. J.D. Bryant*                            
1952-1954 Unknown                                          
1954-1955 Clint Williams*                 
1955-1956 James Gaines*     
1956-1957 Travers*                                           
1957-1958 Malcolme Comer*                            
1958-1959 L.C. Wilson*                                        
1959-1960 Calob Blackwell*              
1960-1961 Julian Blackwell*                
1961-1962 Fred Hopkins                                    
1962-1964 Willie D. White*               
1964-1966 Lawson Wylie*                 
1966-1969 James Boulware Sr.*                        
1969-1970 John Rivers                                      
1970-1971 Leroy Adkins*                  
1971-1972 Lawson Wylie*                 
1972-1975 Otis Appling 
1975-1976 Hardin Stradford Sr.                                    

1976-1977 Charles Chisholm*                           
1977-1979 Louis E. Glenn*                
1979-1980 Alvin Mitchell                                   
1980-1981 Sidney Jorden*                 
1981-1982 James Boulware Jr.                    
1982-1983 Jesse Lowe*
1983-1984 Oliver Adkins Sr.*
1984-1985 Joseph A. Williams
1985-1986 Arthur Knighton
1986-1987 Sidney Jordan*
1987-1988 Louis Mathews*
1988-1989 Henry Hopkins
1989-1990 Henry Wylie
1990-1991 Edward Lambert
1991-1992 Joseph T. Williams
1992-1993 Arnold Williams
1993-1994 Ernest Williams
1994-1995 Hardin Stradford Jr.
1995-1996 Edwin Ross 
1996-1997 Emory Hall
1997-1998 Arnold Williams
1998-1999 G. Douglas Bland
1999-2000 Joseph M. Miller
2000-2001 Kim Williams
2001-2002 Wayne Alston
 2002-2003 James Tonic
2003-2004 Louis Moose
2004-2005 Burnett McKnight
2005-2006 MW Ricardo McNeil GM (2013-2015)
2006-2007 Thelmo Stradford
2007-2008  Heath Stephens
2008-2009 Albert Lewis
2009-2010 Derrick Hall
2010-2011 Damon White
2011-2012 Kerin St. Clair
2012- 2013 Robert T White
2013-2014 Paul Webb
2014-2015 Victor Velez
2015-2016 KIETH MCKOY
?2016-2017 Charles Robinson Jr.

Current Active Membership
Wayne Alston
Otis Appling
Lawrence Bethea
Gerald D. Bland
Arnold J. Brown
Carey Brown
Darlfus Cannon
Junior Charles
Rudolph T. Charles
Michael Clark
James Clyburn
Johnathan Do-Doo
Joseph Ganie
Louis Glenn
Herbert Goines
Derrick Hall
Emory Hall Jr.
Fred Hopkins
Henry Hopkins
Peter Howard
Wayne P. Howe
Charles Hutcheson Jr.
 Carlos James
Washington Koonce
Edward Lambert
Albert Lewis
Burnett McKnight
Ricardo McNeil
Joseph M. Miller
Alvin Mitchell
Edwin Ross
Michael R. Slade
Kerin St. Clair
Lamont H. Stephens
Hardin Stradford Jr.
Hardin Stradford Sr.
Thelmo Stradford Jr.
James Summerville
Sean Thomas
Harold Thornton
Damon White
Robert White
Willie White
Henry Wiley
Arnold Williams
Kim Williams
Joseph A. Williams
Samuel Wilson
Darly Yverton
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