Golden Rule Chapter No. 50
Subordinate Chapter of Oziel Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star – Prince Hall Affiliation
Vauxhall, New Jersey
2018-2019 Elected and Appointed Officers
Worthy Matron                                                           Sharon D. Day
Worthy Patron                                                            Cameron E. Cox
Associate Matron                                                         Kary’n E. Fairley
Associate Patron                                                          Robert T. White, PP
Conductress                                                                Janine Jackson-Jones
Associate Conductress                                                  Tamalynn Brown
Treasurer                                                                    Patty White, PM
Secretary                                                                     Deirdra L. Peterson, PM
Three Year Trustee                                                      Alledine Goines, PM
Two Year Trustee                                                        Latoya B. Cromwell, PM
One Year Trustee                                                        Versie McNeil, PM
Marshall in the East                                                      Renee Lewis
Marshall in the West                                                     Betty Jarrell, PM
Musician                                                                     Kayla McKelvey
Christian Flag Bearer                                                   Diane Lofton
U.S. Flag Bearer                                                         Tabitha Newkirk
O.E.S. Flag Bearer                                                      Shakira Verdejo
Chaplain                                                                     TBD
Warder                                                                        Nichelle Hunter
Sentinel                                                                       James Coy, PP
Adah                                                                            Erin Smith
Ruth                                                                            Celina Hazel
Esther                                                                          Cheryl Slater             
Martha                                                                         Johora Moore
Electa                                                                          Betsey Gorham
Golden Chapter 50 
?Members  CPR Class
Golden Chapter 50 
Members  CPR Class